30 November 2009

Once Again, A Homebody Speaks of Travel

As the weather turns permanently unpleasant, my thoughts frolic into next summer, the season of voyages. Bellingham, WA to see if my shoe-twin is lying about how awesome it is...Windham, NY to watch some World Cup action...maybe some face-time with the grands in NH...then Mont-Sainte-Anne for World Champs! Um did I mention I WILL BE DONE WITH COLLEGE BY THIS SUMMER? Wow. What a feeling.

But then wanderlust ain't all it's cracked up to be. The Saint and I rode Caney/Daniel/Butter yesterday in the unseasonably gorgeous sunlight. Oh em gee what a fantastic ride. To me, that loop is the epitome of Pisgah.

It's been a good week. I also had the pleasure of dog-sitting at a house complete with hot tub and pool table. And the family continued the long-time tradition of getting out in the woods together for some kind of exercise on Thanksgiving. We're so cool.

And another fabulously frivolous girls' night out in Ashevegas

23 November 2009


We rode Becky Mountain today and it reminded me how much I loveloveLOVE stupid road climbs. They're just so...painful! And stupid! But not boring! Or monotonous!
But then we rode the not-intimidating downhill on See-Off and the even-less-intimidating downhill on 276 and, guys, I have to say: I am the worst road descender in the history of the world.
This is a recent development. There was a time when I didn't* suck ass. But now I am scaredscaredSCARED. And I stubbornly refuse to take advice from Squirrel or the Saint or anyone because I'm too busy being scared to "find the apex of the curve", etc. I'll let loose for a few minutes but then get that TERROR FLASH and then grab the brakes even harder/sketchier. Loyal readers: is there a cure?

*Why is the little spell-check underline showing up on the word "didn't"? Am I going crazy? "Didn't" IS the correct contraction of "did not", isn't it?
Oh God, now they're underlining "isn't" too. Ack.

22 November 2009

Status Quo

I've tried to blog a few times, really I have. I planned on writing about the fabulous girls' nights out and socializing, or about the therapeutic runs in the forest, or how Bennett Gap is awesome, or how 30 Rock is high-larious. But each time boredom knocked me on my ass. Well, not anymore! I shall overcome the boredom to relate a little bit of my incredibly ho-hum life.
-CarolineAlexisTinaDecosimo and I indulged Squirrel and raced his silly 8am collegiate cross race at Hendo. But I use the term "raced" in the loosest possible manner. At Nats I was as fit as I've ever been (on a bike. High school sports trump all.) I rode the wave through the Boone cross race and came out feeling like a cocky BA. But, a month of pastries, trail runs, and hang-out rides later, I STRUGGLED yesterday. But I'm okay with it (slightly sheepish...a little embarrassed...but none the worse for wear). For now, racing is not important. Because everyone knows the best biking chicks are OLD. Except Emily Batty and Rachel Atherton, i.e., my faves.
-The Super Fab Fun-Time T-Shirt party lived up to its name. No photos, because they'd be too incriminating.
-New roommate and I get along perfectly.
-Running is wonderful.
-So is riding. But only when it's nice out.
-Spent a Sunday baking cookies, surfing the web, cookin' grits and okra with the Saint, and watching The Office. And NOT cross racing. Life is good.
-Now I'm going to go play floor hockey. Yay, sports.

12 November 2009

Not Dead, Just Boring

Most exciting event in recent life: muddy fabulous Boone CX race