30 December 2009

Question Du Jour

Holly and I were pondering this head-scratcher at the bakery this afternoon.
Why does everyone wearing a bluetooth look like a douche?
It's a chicken/egg conundrum: does purchasing a wireless cell phone thingy to attach to your head make you a douche, or do only douches buy permanent body-decorating phone fixtures? Is it because earpieces are the status-seeking equivalent of highly visible tattoos--both broadcasting your very specific values and opinions? Or do the wireless signals burn holes through the tactful part of your brain and turn you douche?
Look, some examples:
Now this one's pretty easy, because with or without device, he is obv a d-nozzle.

But here is a prime example of the corrosive power of the bluetooth. Old man, looking very friendly. Add ear weevil, he looks patronizing and fake.

Career douche. Second strike against him: gel in hair.

Methinks more time and research need to be devoted to this question.

29 December 2009

You Can't Have Cabin Fever Til February

Despite my protestations, I've now decided to prepare for road season. Because the only thing worse than a road race is getting dropped in a road race.
Fortunately, around here doing long rides is like sliding into tepid bathwater. Pretty easy.
Except, certainly not in temperature. It's really cold.
And also not in exertion level. It hurts something awful.
So the only way it's actually easy like stepping in the tub is that there are lots of nice people to join you. Wait. I don't mean to give the wrong impression of my social life. I hereby retract the analogy.
But what I'm trying to say is road riding is easy right now because a: there's damn snow all over the trails, b: there's damn chocolate all over my house, and c: other people (usually St. Marie the Enabler) want to do long rides too.
What was my point? Oh yeah. I'm totally taking a train to Seattle after I graduate. 86 hours, $260, nothing better to do.
Or maybe my point was that grits are even MORE amazing if you toast the corn meal first. Thanks, Baker Bill.This is why I won't be riding Long Branch anytime soon. Pic by Dan Bennett

16 December 2009

It's All Been Said Before

I love:

-friends and family
-girl rides/runs
-Christmas parties
-this town.

That is all.

11 December 2009


finished with finals for the most part.
really blown away by my own work ethic this semester. i have no idea where it came from. sounds conceited? yes, very.
now buying too many things. i love christmas.

one...more... semester...

the live coverage of natz on cx mag is really cool. good luck to everyone racing out there! but no more broken legs.


06 December 2009


(Warning: gratuitous bike love ahead, once again)

Just in time for finals week, here's some multiple choice for you: What can't the plucky Epic do?
a. muddle around in Pink Beds, inadvertently flirt with illegal trails, have fun
b. survive the Bataan Death March of Yellow Gap Road
c. climb Pilot (leaving Mr. Enduro behind in the dust)
d. descend Pilot (possibly a little slower than Mr. Enduro...)
e. hit 40 foot gaps and play floor hockey

There are some things in life that require a big ole bike or a stick and a pair of sneakers. For everything else, there's the Epic.

P.S. Dear Specialized, don't I deserve some pro-level sponsorship? I have beaten this horse to death!
Just kidding. I do it for love, not money.