26 February 2009

As Georgie Says, "Briggidon"

that means 'bring it on', btw. and it also means i am sooperdooperpumped about a new racing season! road is the great unknown for BC. only jockey and i have ever raced collegiate road, so all these fast m-effers on the team have a brand new discipline in which to throw down. i'm anticipating a pain train in the A men when the spaniard manimal gets led out by some dude on a tarmac and some dude that won a lot of national championships...meanwhile i will ride around in circles and hopefully win a lot of worthless primes but zero races...that's kind of my style. squirrel, prepare to be frustrated.
dahlonega, here we come!

...there won't be any horseback riders, right? fingers crossed. effing north georgia.

22 February 2009

Gosh Darnit...Or Not

ok, i was going to race greenville...but...thanks to the most wonky cracked-out google directions ever (except that one time heidi and i tried to get to the speedway and ended up at a bojangles 20 miles east), i missed it! and never actually managed to find the promised land of the donaldson center. the saint and i did find 3 different white horse roads and approximately a million 25/276 junctions. oh south cackalack, how i love thee!
165 miles later and much wiser about the evils of google maps, we arrived home and the day only got better. first i ate an avocado sandwich. then instead of a RR i got to ride avery+pinnett with the saint and the kop (who are "only into racing"...right...they just patiently waited after every climb and descent for training).
ok. so that's $25 plus gas money just thrown in the hole. but then i realized...while i was at unc i would've paid way more than that to have a couple rides like i did this weekend. oh pisgah, how i love thee! (except now i'm not being facetious.)

ps. i heard the races on saturday were total wreck-fest shitshows, so maybe i wasn't missing that much anyway. although that was my last chance at a uscf race until the french broad...guess i'll be a cat 4 forever. no worries.

17 February 2009

Upping the Smug Factor

i complain about bc's requirements but secretly i'm enjoying the environmental perspectives class...this week, anyway. it's scary and inspirational. i really want to save the world. and plant a garden. and go buy flourescent light bulbs. however, i refuse to take three minute showers, so i can never be truly smug.

15 February 2009

My South Park Moment

"i learned something today..."

so i was all about doing some hard hours today with the usual suspects. i even packed one of my amazing mini ham and cheese sandwiches, so you know i was serial. but then i got shelled unusually fast on frozen creek and got in my head the grumpy little thought that i HATED road riding. so i bid adieu to the fellows and proceeded home at a much more pleasant speed. and it was awesome! i haven't actually been on a road ride by myself since i left the thrill and i forgot that when alone rides aren't shitty and boring they can be really nice. instead of working my ass off the whole time to stay on someone's wheel, i cruised.

it's so easy to have fun mountain biking. this was a good week: dawn patroling, watching young man balls ride the illegal stars'n'bars line off grassy road, getting my groove back on north slope...but i need to remember to have fun road biking too. especially since pretty soon we'll be racing collegiate/not having fun every weekend.

oops, i feel like chris carmichael when he does one of his "me me me" pieces in bicycling (you know, the article right before the monthly "introduction to triathlons"). no offense to all you cts employees.

also, i went to marco's trattoria last night. verdict: very good! EXCEPT they don't serve bmb baguettes the way maple did. oh, silly fools. when will restauranteurs learn that you can't keep the public happy with sysco bread product?

i think i've almost kind of officially decided to go race greenville. hoping to see some chapel hill friends there.
thing #92 that i miss about ch: hadley being special-ed on girl rides

09 February 2009

Living For the Weekend

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: FABULOUS! Sixty degree weather!!!
Contra dancing (and all the old men with clammy hands that it entails)! Pastry slingin'! Caney Bottom/Daniel Ridge/Long Branch with my favorite S-Works rider! Marshal's faux-hawk!

And to top it all off, Lake Logan! Like omg what an endless suffer-fest...thank you, old dudes who were laying down a scorching pace the ENTIRE time. KOP: I don't think you'll be losing your crown anytime soon.
I pretty much love everyone here. I don't think there's anywhere on the east coast with as fab a riding crew as B-Town. (This counts for people not in the picture too, including those of you who abstain from skinny tires.)

This is probably the least picturesque and amazing view from the entire ride. The rest of the time I was too busy banging into a forty-foot brick wall over and over to take purty pictures.

05 February 2009

Escalades and Kestrels

hahaha rock racing is now riding kestrels. the kestrel, once relegated to the realm of dentists and...me...has now been further de-legitimized by those paragons of doucheness. (no offense to RR advocates and lovers of expensive denim).
beloved though it was, i'm so glad i dumped my red POS and bought the specialized candy cane before this news came out. i would rather not be associated with michael ball.

03 February 2009


the icycle was awesome!!...
but i'm already tired of blogging. maybe i'll quit and just start ghost-writing for st. marie...add some spice to his life.