30 March 2010

A Couple of Important Points

I forgot to mention that Dr. Crotts also had a great weekend. He's been doing a whole lotta work, including racing the A men's TTT whenever possible, and has grabbed two top fives so far. Well done, sir.

Also forgot, mad props to Furman for a really well-run race. It was a marked contrast to the usual collegiate weekend.

I finally got an article on the BC athletics page. Wow! Despite being DII conference champ for each season so far! Sour grapes...I'll waste no more time complaining.

Rich Mountain, Becky Mountain's twin brother, is totally totally awesome.

This weather is totally totally awesome.

Riding alone can actually once in a while be totally totally awesome. I saw this guy up close and personal. That was totally totally awesome.

28 March 2010

Stellar Times in SC

for once the collegiate road racing gods smiled down upon me and delivered up a win. albeit a pretty lackluster one.

the cards were in place. all the fast LMC girls were jet-setting in europe or out west, riding against other fast girls. the course had some hills. i felt good, and my bike was stuck in the big dawg (right where it belongs, one might argue). so i laid down what one might call a blistering attack (if one was so inclined) on one of the hills and rode away, bringing with me a lone LMC girl. she was hurting, but we maintained a decent clip for the rest of the "race". by the 1k sign i was antsy and frustrated, knowing that no matter how the finish went down, i would be relegated to second. because that's what always happens.

and then (and this is where i lose any chance at respect or any claim to a legitimate win) she didn't sprint me.

so we casually rolled through the finish, eying each other the whole time, and i had to explain to the saint, who was spectating (although he still SHOULD have been racing at that point) that i had won.

as thad puts it, "the first RR win in Brevard's history". i just wish it hadn't been so ho-hum. the crit was a lot of fun too, although i continued the grand julia tradition of chasing point(less) primes in place of impressive wins and netted a mediocre 3rd place.

the guys are earning their meals so far. elk killer and captain america finished top ten two days in a row. tristan had a fab break away but, as the announcer loved reminding us, "he really was racing, but it just wasn't good enough. he got gobbled up by them lees mcrae boys in the end...pothoes...been racing 25 years and officiating 15...something something..."

my favorite part of the weekend: when all the boys forgot their game of Yellow Car just long enough to bust out singing along with miley to "party in the usa".

chilling with the good doctor pre-race

08 March 2010


yesterday the founding fathers of the pisgah beard society led a caravan down to spa'burg and we rolled out the fat tires, with the sunshine cheering us on. croft's twisting trails stumped me at first but after an hour of frustration i remember how to ride the bike and started having fun, hanging on CB's wheel. we are all a bit out of shape but going slow means you can look at the scenery.

two really good songs i heard today: peter gabriel's cover of "the boy in the bubble" and "inexorably" by zoe boekbinder. go listen.

today the saint and i opted out of a road ride and instead built a little jump and a little berm in his pasture. i love playing with shovels.

i just made my first omelet. not perfect, definitely delicious. kiddie stuff, i know, but it's the small things in life...

only four or five more hours of work on the thesis and i'll have a rough draft.

spring break has been damn good so far.