05 November 2012

Winter Cometh

the last couple weeks have seen plenty of upheaval so to those with whom i've failed to keep up, my apologies. the conference season ended early for me because the bosses at HR demanded my time ASAP. as a result i had to move out before most folks, but that didn't stop me from partaking of the season-ending festivities at camp. i took advantage one last time of the gear available and went paddleboarding on the still lake, and then snowshoeing in the four feet of powder in the hills above us. there was a big cozy banquet for all the staff, and a big drunken cabin crawl for halloween. there were lots of hugs and tearful goodbyes and promises made.
Disco Bingo. This is a paid shift, but I think we might've enjoyed
it more than the guests. 
Celebratory banquet and some of my favorite ladies 
Creepy folks at cabin crawl 
and now i've worked at heavenly for a week. it is a whole new world, for sure. i'm not quite sure how it happened but i definitely got suckered into the most desky of desk jobs. i'm a data entry coordinator, which means i process all the thousands of new and returning employees that come at the beginning of the season. i sit in front of a computer under fluorescent lights working in earnest for a solid eight hours each day. it's not boring, but it is grindingly monotonous and i have to stay vigilant the entire time because any mistake can jeopardize someone else's livelihood. i'll never do it again, but i don't hate it. it's challenging and tricky learning all the ins and outs of such a big operation. AND i don't have to answer the phone.

Such a cool town
and then i went to downieville this weekend and it was everything i could've hoped. it was wet and rooty and all the trails twisted along cliffs above the picturesque yuba river and the only bar in town was filled with backcountry hicks and i felt like i was home again.