27 February 2011

Nothing New Here

someone told me recently that my blog is a one trick pony because the only message i ever convey is happy-happy-joy-joy. well, this post is not going to change a thing. how can i possibly write with solemnity or dismay when i've had two cups of coffee and it's SEVENTY-ONE DEGREES OUTSIDE, and i'm about to go for a mtb ride with my saint because my lovely bosses at ye olde red house understand that going outside to play in the sunshine is more important than changing sheets and dusting.
riding laurel/pilot with some of my favorite stumpy club members

other events have also been causing a surplus of joy in my life. weather is first and foremost of course; my mood is absurdly dependent on sunshine. but even when the sun goes down i can get together with my favorite lady friends and have a good time eating, drinking, and posing for silly pictures.

last week mi madre and i made the trek to charlotte to attend a super fab cupping'n'stuff hosted by the bakery's coffee supplier. there are few things i love better than standing around in skinny jeans pretending to taste cedar and citrus in a cup of joe. pretentious coffee talk really revs my engine.
aaaand despite all those claims of retirement i found myself tracking down all the race dates of the season to add to my planner. just, you know, in case i happen to have a free weekend and want to go drive a few hours and pay dollars to ride around in a circle chasing fast women in the elusive hunt for glory and fame.
or whatever.
also i joined the new club in town because, i mean, who wouldn't want to roll with a pac?

17 February 2011

Still Here

As usual, I have failed my reader(s) in providing that most essential element of blogging: timeliness.
So remember how I went to California? And on the last day I was there I rode Mt Diablo? And planned to chronicle that ride? Well it was one of the best and most beautiful road rides I've ever done. Then I had to abridge it because of some nasty wind up top. So I was going to call my post "The Mountain Wins Again". You like that musical reference? I did. And then somehow seventeen days passed. The post (which was sure to be both clever and lyrical) never got written.
It was around here on Mt Diablo that the wind reached 40 mph.

And now the Icycle has also passed. As always, it was the best race weekend of the year. We enjoyed lovely weather, good friends, an appearance by the Enemy Lovers, free beer from Pisgah Brewing, lots of spaghetti, and topped it all off with a silly death march of a group ride at Tsali on Sunday. It was cool to win both races but I do wish the lady turn-out had been a bit more substantial. Come on, girls!
My mother has been spamming me with links about San Luis Obispo, CA for a few days; she is convinced it's the spot for me. I'm inclined to agree but suddenly the weather has taken a turn for the (WAY) better and I am in less of a hurry to get outta here.

Dan Bennett getting all artsy. A good shot of the baby dino in action.