21 April 2017


I was just feeling a little critical of myself because I haven't been keeping up with regularly scheduled programming on this here blog, and then I read this and it says all the things way better than I could:

Skinning with Bearspray

I fortunately don't feel the mental pinch as badly as he does because when I'm writing for work, I'm writing about city council and softball and the forty nonprofits in the valley instead of trying to polish and monetize lyrical pieces about playing outside. I get to keep the adventure pieces and the emotional pieces all to myself. That's a privilege.

There are also extenuating circumstances that have dictated my reticence. I'll deal with that eventually I guess.

Meanwhile, this is pretty:

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  1. It's alright...worth the wait. The extra time and thought translate to craft. Thanks for the bonus link, always nice to find someone who feels it like I do but can get it down.