28 January 2009

Number One!

i don't have anything of merit to say today. that's sort of status quo. i just wanted to start one of these things. it's self-aggrandizement.

i mean, except that a good percentage of the english (y espaƱol) speaking (hablando) world (mundo) has been begging me to blog.

i went for a fat tire ride after the rain ended. i was throwing down so much torque that when i went through puddles, lo and behold, they became lakes. i was at my lactic threshold the whole time. except that my body processes lactic acid so efficiently that i have to train at my citric threshold.

at the shindig (if you weren't there, shame on you):
there's been a lot of dancing recently. i would not be opposed to a lot more dance parties in the future. sassface and disco ball dan, this means you!

in the timeless words of robbie hart, "you mean your name's going to be julia gulia?"

--the hoo

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